Hack My Diabetes

Practical Tips for Outsmarting Diabetes


Many years later, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while pregnant. I successfully managed it with diet alone, but I know this means I have a very high likelihood of developing type 2 Diabetes in the future. I regularly read up on how to form habits and overcome psychological barrier to caring for oneself because it matters to me AND my patients.  I know where to get the cheapest insulin because I’ve helped people navigate the system.

I talk about these Lifehacks for Diabetes every day in my clinical practice.

But why not share it with the world? And learn from others, too?

This blog attempts to provide practical lifehacks that may make living with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes:

  • Easier – using habits and automations
  • More fun – making a game out of it
  • Positive – this is an opportunity to impact not only our blood sugars but also our energy level, mood, and loves ones surrounding us!

Type 2 Diabetes is hard.

It’s also hopeful; there’s so much we can do.

So let’s do this together.